Vol 25, No 3 (2014)

Winter 2015

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IPJ Volume XXV, Issue 3 (Winter 2015)

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events (Winter 2015)

Ongoing Activities

Ongoing Events (Winter 2015)

Indigenous Developments

Indigenous Developments (Winter 2015)


We Need International Pressure On Climate Change
Stephen M. Sachs
Election: Yes It's an Imperfect System But The Native Vote is Worth Counting
Mark Trahant
A Third International Decade of the World's Indigenous Peoples
UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Affairs
No Interoceanic Canal Group Letter Opposing the Interoceanic Canal Across Nicaragua
No Interoceanic Canal Group
Canada Uses World Conference To Continue Indefensible Attack on UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Ad Hoc Coalition on the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Research Notes

The Deep South Up North: The Struggle for American Indian Voting Rights in South Dakota
Drew Gibson
Election: Indian Country's Long Fight Over Who Gets The Right to Vote
Mark Trahant
This Election the People are Singing
Mark Trahant
Election: Making Sure Every Native Voter has the Opportunity to Cast Their Ballot
Mark Trahant
Exploring Tribal Sovereignty Through Native Case Studies
Barbara Leigh Smith, Linda Moon Stumpff
New Governor Works With Citizens, Tribes to "Create a Vision for Alaska"
Mark Trahant
This Election is Historic. Welcome to the 21st Century, Alaska
Mark Trahant
Behind the Screen: Nuts, Bolts and Billions of MedicAID dollars that Could Improve Health Care
Mark Trahant
A Call to Reform the Indian Health Service
Mark Trahant
Joblessness Continues to Plague Indian Country
Norm DeWeaver
21st Century Descendants of Imperialism
Harry Targ
Blowback on the Border: Decades of Short-Sighted, Inhumane U.S. Policy Have Brought a Child Refugee Crisis to America's Door
Laura Carlsen
"World Bank Makes Killing Indigenous Peoples More Profitable: The World Banks Environmental and Social Framework draft neglects mention of Indigenous rights
First Peoples Worldwide


Larry French
John Hansen
Ishrat Jahan
Elvis Parraguez, Johnathan Barton

Book Reviews

Review of Albert White Hat Sr.'s Life's Journey - Zuya: Oral Teachings From Rosebud
Stephen Sachs

Media Notes

Media Notes (Winter 2015)