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Indigenous Policy Journal (IPJ) publishes articles, commentary, reviews, news, and announcements concerning Native American and international Indigenous affairs, issues, events, nations, groups and media. We invite commentary and dialogue in and between issues: if you are interested in contributing to the journal, please take the time to create a user account on our website and see our Submission Guidelines.

Articles: As IPJ is now a refereed journal, articles may be posted on a different schedule from the rest of the journal. We will send out an e-mail announcement when the next set of articles are posted, and can be downloaded as a pdf file. Current articles are available with list in the journal archive.

Statement of Purpose

Indigenous Policy Journal Standards and Philosophy of Publication of Scholarly Articles

In its publication of double-blind, peer-reviewed scholarly articles, the Indigenous Policy Journal aspires the highest standards of scholarly edification and discourse on policy issues facing Indigenous peoples. In doing so, the IPJ is informed by the important national and international policy goals of self-determination and continuance of cultural values of indigenous people. We advise those submitting their articles to be aware of the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which provides useful guidelines for scholarly inquiry and study of practically any policy issue that contributes to the continuance of indigenous peoples.

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events (Summer 2022)

Ongoing Activities

Ongoing Activities (Summer 2022)

Indigenous Developments

Indigenous Developments (Summer 2022)


On Earth Day ‘the world is not on track,’ What is being done? A lot. And not nearly enough
Mark Trahant
Reducing Methane from Oil and Gas
Clean Air Task Force
Emissions, Exceptionalism, and Inequality in World on Fire
Avita Chomsky
The Global Biodiversity Framework Must Incorporate and Operationalize Human and Indigenous Rights
Monica Coc Magnusson
Open statement from Survival International on the biggest land grab in history
Cultural Survival
Mining Resistance from Alberta To Argentina
Ennedith Lopez
20 Calls to Action that Honor Indigenous Rights: An Open Letter to the Biden-Harris Administration on Presidents Day
Cultural Survival
'Our Political System Is Broken'
Mark Trahant
Whose sovereignty is really being fought for? What happens when First Nations People are dragged into extremist protests
Kelly Menze
Statement of the International Committee of Indigenous Peoples Of Russia
International Committee of Indigenous Peoples of Russia

Research Notes

Anatomy of a ‘Nature-Based Solution’
Simon Counsel
Climate change is leaving its mark on Indigenous-owned food businesses
Ray Levy Uyeda
India and Pakistan Are Baking, and Every Powerful Institution Is to Blame
Basav Sen
What Remains of The U.S. Green New Deal?
John Feffer
Understanding ICWA Placements Using Kinship Care Research
National Indian Child Welfare Association
At the Crossroads: State of the Economy in Indian Country
Mark Trahant
What the heck is Indigenous economics?
Mark Trahant
Stunning job report? Minus the Indigenous
Mark Trahant
Native American Communities Continue to Face Barriers to Opportunity that Stifle Economic Mobility
John Beyer
Wine chapter closes ... as another story begins
Mark Trahant
Joe Biden calls for substantial Indian health funding
Mark Trahant
Resolution Requesting the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope To Denunciate The Doctrine of Discovery
National Congress of American Indians
Trudeau Government’s National 'Reconciliation' Plan to Complete Canada’s Colonization Project: Using Chretien’s 'Inherent Right Policy' and Legacy Legislation
Russell Diabo
Peruvian Government Commits to Expel Narcotrafficking Settlers and Return Lands to Indigenous Communities
Ricardo Pérez, Gisela Hurtado-Barboza


Richard Wheelock
Richard Wheelock
Stephen Sachs

Book Reviews

Bridging Cultures to Improve First Nation Justice in Canada: The Work of Rupert Ross
Stephen Sachs
A New Wave on the Rising Tide of Telling the Indigenous Story Right
Stephen Sachs

Media Notes

Media Notes (Summer 2022)

Useful Websites

Useful Websites (Summer 2022)

Theses and Dissertations

Ph.D. Dissertations from Universities Around the World on Topics Relating to Indians in the Americas, Compiled from Dissertation AbstractsHTML


Advisory Council

Our thanks to all the members of the advisory council who review article submissions: David Armstrong, Phil Bellfy, JoLee Blackbear, Bennis Blue, Stephen Brandon, Patricia Campbell, Ward Churchill, Shane Day, Larry French, Susan Gorgan, Burke Hendrix, Thomas Hoffman, Sheree Hukill, Lilias Jarding, Ezra Rosser, Mickey Poslun, and Stefanie Wickstrom.


If you are interested in being a reviewer of submitted articles in the IPJ refereeing process, please contact our co-editors: Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox: [email protected], Karen Jarratt-Snider, [email protected] or Aresta Tsosie-Paddock: [email protected].

IPJ has a book review committee. People wishing to review books, often receiving a copy to review, and those wishing to have a book review should send a copy, to David Weiden, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Native American Studies, Metropolitan State University of Denver, King Center 494, Campus Box 43, P.O. Box 173362, Denver, CO 80217-3362, 303-556-4914, [email protected].



We wish you a fine summer. Indigenous Policy Journal is available on the web with e-mail notification of new issues at no charge. Indigenous Policy puts out two regular issues a year (Summer and Winter), and since summer 2006 we have published occasional special issues. We are seeking additional editors, columnists and commentators for regular issues, and editors or editorial groups for special issues, and short articles for each issue. We have via our web site, a regularly updated and searchable data base of Ph.D. Dissertations from Universities Around the World on Topics Relating to Indians in the Americas, compiled by Jonathon Erlen and Jay Toth from Dissertation Abstracts, with recent dissertations also listed separately in each of our regular Summer and Winter issues. IPJ is on Facebook, including some important updates since the last issue.

IPJ has been publishing special issues from time to time since winter 2002 and will continue to do so. These are usually on specific issues. In addition, the Fall issues of IPJ has been devoted to carrying the Proceedings of the American Indian Studies Section of the Western Social Science Association Meeting held the preceding April, but with the entire WSSA meeting on the web this year, it is unnecessary to do so. We invite articles, reports, announcements and reviews of meetings, and media, programs and events, and short reports of news, commentary and exchange of views, as well as willingness to put together special issues.

Send us your thoughts and queries about issues and interests and replies can be printed in the next issue and/or made by e-mail. In addition, we will carry Indigenous Studies Network (ISN) news and business so that these pages can be a source of ISN communication and dialoguing in addition to circular letters and annual meetings at APSA, as IPJ was launched as an ISN publication and still networks with ISN. After being independent, IPJ became a WSSA publication in 2022 and caries WSSA American Indian Studies section information.. In addition to being the newsletter/journal of the Indigenous Studies Network, we collaborate with the Native American Studies Section of the Western Social Science Association (WSSA) and provide a dialoguing vehicle for all our readers. This is your publication. Please let us know if you would like to see more, additional, different, or less coverage of certain topics, or a different approach or format.

IPJ is a refereed journal. Submissions of articles are best made by going to the journal website. After reading the Author Guidelines and registering with the journal prior to submitting, log in and begin the five-step process of submitting. You can also go to Submissions to begin. One can also submit and obtain information from the Co-Editors: Mary Jo Tippeconnic Fox: [email protected], Karen Jarratt-Snider, [email protected] or Aresta Tsosie-Paddock: [email protected], who will send them out for review. Our process is for non-article submissions to go to Steve Sachs, who drafts each regular issue. Unsigned items are by Steve. Other editors then make editing suggestions to Steve. Thomas Brasdefer posts this Journal on the IPJ web site: