Vol 33, No 1 (2022)

Spring 2022

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events (Summer 2022)

Ongoing Activities

Ongoing Activities (Summer 2022)

Indigenous Developments

Indigenous Developments (Summer 2022)


On Earth Day ‘the world is not on track,’ What is being done? A lot. And not nearly enough
Mark Trahant
Reducing Methane from Oil and Gas
Clean Air Task Force
Emissions, Exceptionalism, and Inequality in World on Fire
Avita Chomsky
The Global Biodiversity Framework Must Incorporate and Operationalize Human and Indigenous Rights
Monica Coc Magnusson
Open statement from Survival International on the biggest land grab in history
Cultural Survival
Mining Resistance from Alberta To Argentina
Ennedith Lopez
20 Calls to Action that Honor Indigenous Rights: An Open Letter to the Biden-Harris Administration on Presidents Day
Cultural Survival
'Our Political System Is Broken'
Mark Trahant
Whose sovereignty is really being fought for? What happens when First Nations People are dragged into extremist protests
Kelly Menze
Statement of the International Committee of Indigenous Peoples Of Russia
International Committee of Indigenous Peoples of Russia
Meeting With Indigenous Peoples: First Nations, Métis And Inuit: Address Of His Holiness Pope Francis
Pope Francis

Research Notes

Anatomy of a ‘Nature-Based Solution’
Simon Counsel
Climate change is leaving its mark on Indigenous-owned food businesses
Ray Levy Uyeda
India and Pakistan Are Baking, and Every Powerful Institution Is to Blame
Basav Sen
What Remains of The U.S. Green New Deal?
John Feffer
Understanding ICWA Placements Using Kinship Care Research
National Indian Child Welfare Association
At the Crossroads: State of the Economy in Indian Country
Mark Trahant
What the heck is Indigenous economics?
Mark Trahant
Stunning job report? Minus the Indigenous
Mark Trahant
Native American Communities Continue to Face Barriers to Opportunity that Stifle Economic Mobility
John Beyer
Wine chapter closes ... as another story begins
Mark Trahant
Joe Biden calls for substantial Indian health funding
Mark Trahant
Resolution Requesting the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope To Denunciate The Doctrine of Discovery
National Congress of American Indians
Trudeau Government’s National 'Reconciliation' Plan to Complete Canada’s Colonization Project: Using Chretien’s 'Inherent Right Policy' and Legacy Legislation
Russell Diabo
Peruvian Government Commits to Expel Narcotrafficking Settlers and Return Lands to Indigenous Communities
Ricardo Pérez, Gisela Hurtado-Barboza


Richard Wheelock
Richard Wheelock
Stephen Sachs

Book Reviews

Bridging Cultures to Improve First Nation Justice in Canada: The Work of Rupert Ross
Stephen Sachs
A New Wave on the Rising Tide of Telling the Indigenous Story Right
Stephen Sachs

Media Notes

Media Notes (Summer 2022)

Useful Websites

Useful Websites (Summer 2022)