Vol 29, No 3 (2018)

Winter 2019

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Download the Full Issue (Winter 2019)

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events (Winter 2019)

Ongoing Activities

Ongoing Activities (Winter 2019)

Indigenous Developments

Indigenous Developments (Winter 2019)


Participatory Development: A Humanitarian Alternative to Migration
Dr. Yossef Ben Meir & Manon Burbidge
A Future Beyond Fear
John Horning
Respecting Our Science and Ways of Knowing: Indigenous Peoples Food Sovereignty, Traditional Lifeways and Climate Change
Bia’ni Madsa’ Juárez López, Danielle DeLuca, Alma Patricia Soto Sánchez
Redefining Development: A Perspective from Indigenous Peoples in Asia
Patricia Wattimena
Discrimination Against Indigenous Peoples, From Legal Texts to Policing Practice
Miranda Wattimena
An Appeal from Brazil: Union of Peoples of the Vale Do Javari Representative Speaks Out
Beto Marubo
Cultural Survival Stands in Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples of Brazil
Cultural Survival

Research Notes

Tribal People Face Disproportionate Impact from Climate Change
Mark Trahant
Are we Living Longer? Answer is Complicated for Indian Country
Mark Trahant
Indian Health Was on the Ballot: A Few Wins and Alaska is at Risk for a Big Loss
Mark Trahant
Congress Still Working on Indian Country Funding Bill
Mark Trahant
Native Advocates Say No to Brett Kavanaugh
Mark Trahant
Indian Country Impacted by a Government Shutdown
Mark Trahant
What Do The Numbers Say? Indian Country Plays a Unique Role at the Polls
Mark Trahant
More Native Women Than Men Are Running for Governors, State Legislators
Mark Trahant
Attacks Against and Criminalization of Indigenous Peoples Defending their Rights
Report to Human Rights Council - 2018
Effective Practices to Sustain Development in Morocco
Kerstin Opfer


Stephanie Green
Alex Sadler, Divya Gupta
Kamaljit Sangha

Media Notes

Media Notes (Winter 2019)