Vol 29, No 1 (2018)

Summer 2018

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Download the Full Issue (Summer 2018)

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events (Summer 2018)

Ongoing Activities

Ongoing Activities (Summer 2018)

Indigenous Developments

Indigenous Developments (Summer 2018)


The 8 Million Species We Don't Know
Edward O. Wilson
What Experiences Should an IHS Director Have? In my Book: Medicine & Medicaid
Mark Trahant
Indian Country Needs a Canon of Stories; ‘Sovereignty’ is one we Should Add
Mark Trahant
A Different PM Trudeau, Same Buckskin Jacket but Where is the 'Real Change' for Indigenous Peoples?
Hayden King, Shiri Pasternak
Stopping the Lliberal Assault on our Rights
Russel Diabo
Canada Facing Un-Universal Periodic Review May 11, 2018
Peter Schwarzbauer

Research Notes

When Forever Comes, We will be here Cultural Management and Indigenous Peoples of the Pikes Peak Region
Nathan Goodman
How Much Does Climate Change Cost? Try $1.5 Trillion and Counting Has Only Started
Mark Trahant
White Buffalo Woman and Short Woman: Two Epic Female Leaders in the Oral Tradition of Cheyenne Nation-Building
Leo Killsback
#NATIVEVOTE18 Candidates are Boosted by an Electorate Ready for Change
Mark Trahant
The Money Chase. #NATIVEVOTE18 Federal Candidates Make Their Pitch for Big Bucks
Mark Trahant
Candidate's Political Ads are Changing the Very Image of Native People: #NATIVEVOTE18 Stereotypes are Shattered Every Time a Campaign Commercial is Produced and Aired
Mark Trahant
Latest Attack on Medicaid also Sabotages Treaty Rights, Indian Health Programs: Agency Says Indian Health Should Not Be Exempt From Medicaid Work Rules Because They are 'Race-Based'
Mark Trahant
Paul Ryan's Legacy Includes 'Big Ideas' Such as a Voucher For Indian Health
Mark Trahant
First, Do No Harm. What it Takes to Manage the Indian Health System
Mark Trahant
English Genocide in Nova Scotia
Janet Hudgins
The 3rd Declaration for "Health, Life and Defense of our Lands, Rights and Future Genrations"
International Indigenous Women's Symposium
Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northeastern Affairs Carolyn Bennett Delivers Remarks at the AFN Special Chief Assembly
Carolyn Bennet
Speaking Points for S.A.D.M. Joe Wild AFN Special Chief's Assembly on Federal Legislation "Implementing Rights Legislation – Dialogue Session”
Joe Wild


Reena Tiwari, Stephanie Harris, José Van den Akker
Thomas A. Britten

Media Notes

Media Notes (Summer 2018)