Vol 24, No 3 (2013)


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IPJ Volume XXIV, Issue 3 (Winter 2014)

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events (Winter 2014)

Ongoing Activities

Ongoing Activities (Winter 2014)

Indigenous Developments

Indian and Indigenous Developments (Winter 2014)


A Treaty Promise ... That Cannot Be Kept
Mark Trahant
Yeah, The Government Is Open. How Come The News Ahead Is Worse?
Mark Trahant
Alaska's Busy Week: Demonstrating Its Contempt For Alaska Natives
Mark Trahant
Voting in the name of ...
Mark Trahant
Does The White House Council On Native American Affairs Need To Be A Little More Indian?
First Peoples Worlwide
Navajo Governance in the 21st Century: How Can DinPeople Rebuild Their Government?
Lloyd L. Lee
Lima Declaration Of The World Conference Of Indigenous Women
World Conference Of Indigenous Women
Letter of the Lorretto Community to Pope Francis on Rescinding the Doctrine of Discovery
Loretto Catholic Community
Letter of Pax Christi International to Pope Francis on Rescinding the Doctrine of Discovery
Pax Christi International

Research Notes

Duck Down and Thermostats in an Interconnected World
Moki Kokoris
Polar Bear Hunting Viewed Through Indigenous Crosshairs
Moki Kokoris


Michele Companion
Michael Davis
Larry French

Book Reviews

Review: The New Buffalo: The Struggle for Aboriginal Post-Secondary Education in Canada, by Blair Stonechild
John W. Friesen
Review of The Poetics of Land & Identity Among British Columbia Indigenous Peoples, by Christine J. Elsey
John W. Friesen
Review of Gun Machine by Warren Ellis
Thomas Brasdefer

Media Notes

Media Notes (Winter 2014)

Useful Websites

Useful Websites (Winter 2014)