Vol 24, No 1 (2013)


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IPJ Volume XXIV, Issue 1 (Summer 2013)

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events (Summer 2013)

Ongoing Activities

Ongoing Activities (Summer 2013)

Indigenous Developments

Indian and Indigenous Developments (Summer 2013)


Pump Fiction
Randall Amster
Whats Hot in Global Warming? Dear President Obama: Words Wont Do It
Bruce E. Johansen
Indian Countrys Metadata Scandal: Invisibility
Mark Trahant
Federal Spending Worsens as Time Passes
Mark Trahant
Indian Country Left Behind as Jobs Evaporate
Mark Trahant
State of Indian Nations: A Moment of Real Possibility
Mark Trahant
Idle No More (INM)S Canadian Concerns
Idle No More
Termination and Idle No More
Mark Trahant
Canadian Bill S-8
Michael Posluns
Grassroots Organizations Call For New Security Model, Human Rights, in the Americas
America's Program

Research Notes

Next Year: Huge Changes Ahead For Indian Healthcare System (Including Some New Money)
Mark Trahant
Medicaid Funding is Indian Health Systems New Reality and it Can Continue to Grow
Mark Trahant
Pennies on the Dollar? Sequester Will Close Schools, Reduce Teachers, Short Change Dreams
Mark Trahant


Frederico Cesar Barbosa de Oliveira
Michael Hankard
Katie Kuhn

Book Reviews

Two Books Add Perspective to Current Debates Over Indian Countrys Future
Mark Trahant
Lost Report Exposes Brazilian Indian Genocide
Cultural Survival

Media Notes

Media Notes (Summer 2013)