Expanding the Circle: Developing an American Indian Political Theory for Living Well in the Twenty-First Century


  • Stephen Sachs


The public affairs of the world are greatly out of balance, at this writing in the fall of 2013. In the United States, and many places across the globe, people are deeply divided, with massive peaceful demonstrations in numerous nations, violence at varying levels in others. Relations among people and with the Earth are often seriously out of harmony. From an Indigenous point of view, there is too much emphasis on, and struggle for, power as control, and not enough on empowerment. The causes are many. Some have to do with overly narrow views of economics and development, while others have to do with upbringing, teaching and learning, how we come to view the world and guide our actions in it. These topics are considered elsewhere. All of these are interrelated with the political, which is the focus of this paper.


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