University of Arizona Press listings include: Edited By Jason Anthony Robison, Cornerstone at the Confluence: Navigating The Colorado River Compact’s Next Century (236 pp. for $85 cloth plus Ebook); Tsim D. Schneider, The Archaeology of Refuge And Recourse: Coast Miwok Resilience and Indigenous Hinterlands in Colonial California (232 pp. for $30 paper plus Ebook); Ronald L. Trosper, Indigenous Economics: Sustaining Peoples and Their Lands (272 pp. for $30 paper, $100 cloth plus Ebook); Joshua M. Price, Translation and Epistemicide: Racialization of Languages in the Americas (184 pp for $65 cloth plus Ebook); Cynthia Radding, Bountiful Deserts: Sustaining Indigenous Worlds in Northern New Spain (368 pp. for $35 paper, $100 cloth plus Ebook); Eric Hoenes Del Pinal, Guarded By Two Jaguars: A Catholic Parish Divided By Language And Faith (272 pp. for $65 cloth plus Ebook); Laura Leon Llerena, Reading The Illegible: Indigenous Writing And The Limits Of Colonial Hegemony In The Andes (256 pp. for $65 cloth plus Ebook), all from the University of Arizona Press, 355 S. Euclid Ave., Suite 103, Tucson, AZ 85701, phone/fax (800) 426-3797,

Offerings from the University of Hawaii Press include: Edited By Ryan Tucker Jones and Angela Wanhalla, Across Species and Cultures: Whales, Humans, and Pacific Worlds (320 pp. for $60 cloth); Angélique Stastny, Ignored Histories: The Politics of History Education and Indigenous-Settler Relations in Australia and Kanaky/New Caledonia (288 pages $68.00 cloth); Camellia Webb-Gannon, Morning Star Rising: The Politics of Decolonization in West Papua (228 pages for $28.00 paper, $68.00 cloth); Laura Rademaker , Found in Translation: Many Meanings on a North Australian Mission (240 pages for $28.00 paper, $72.00 cloth); Samuel Mānaiakalani Kamakau, translated by M. Puakea Nogelmeier, Ke Kumu Aupuni: The Foundation of Hawaiian Nationhood (640 pages for $60.00 paper, $75.00 cloth); Edited by Gordon Ell and Sarah Ell, First Encounters: New Zealand 1642–1840 (108 pages for $22.00 paper); Edited by Yves Goudineau and Vanina Bouté, From Tribalism to Nationalism: The Anthropological Turn in Laos – A Tribute to Grant Evans (384 pages for $90.00 cloth), All, plus $5 first item, $1 each additional, shipping, from University of Hawai’i Press, 1840 Kolawalu St., Honolulu, HI 96822 (808)956-8255, [email protected],

Recent offerings from the University of New Mexico Press include: Edison Eskeets & Jim Kristofic, Send a Runner: A Navajo Honors The Long Walk (200 Pp. For $19.95 Paper); Shawn Michael Austin, Colonial Kinship: Guaraní, Spaniards, and Africans in Paraguay (382 pp. for $34.95 cloth); H. Henrietta Stockel, Salvation Through Slavery: Chiricahua Apaches and Priests on the Spanish Colonial Frontier (192 pp. for $29.95 paper); and Joseph P. Sánchez, El Camino Real de California: From Ancient Pathways to Modern Byways (292 pp. for $29.95 paper), all plus $5 for the first item and $1 for each additional, shipping, from the University of New Mexico Press, MSC04 2820, 1 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque NM 87131-0001 (505)272-7777 or (800)249-7737,

University of Nebraska Press offerings include: Lawrence A. Dwyer, Foreword to the Bison Books Edition by Judi M. Gaiashkibos, Standing Bear’s Quest for Freedom: The First Civil Rights Victory for Native Americans , Second Edition (232 pp. for $19.95 paper); Ella Cara Deloria, Edited By Raymond J. Demallie And Thierry Veyrié, Afterword By Philip J. Deloria, The Dakota Way of Life (454 pp. for $36.95); Jerome A. Greene, Foreword by Alvin M. Josephy Jr, Nez Perce Summer, 1877: The U.S. Army and the Nee-Me-Poo Crisis (576 pp. for $31.95 paper); Matthew Bentley And John Bloom, The Imperial Gridiron: Manhood, Civilization, and Football at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School (272 pp. for $65 cloth); Tadeusz Lewandowski, The Life of Sherman Coolidge, Arapaho Activist (360 pp. for $60 cloth); Edited And Annotated By Rowena Mcclinton, John Howard Payne Papers, 3-volume set, Volumes 7–14 of the Payne-Butrick Papers (The papers enable readers to understand how the Cherokees and many other American Indians endured and persevered as they encountered forced removal in the 1830s due to the Indian Removal Act. The papers are also a source of cultural revitalization, elucidating the work of Sequoyah, a Cherokee genius, who in 1821 introduced his syllabary, a phonemic system with eighty-six symbols. 1256 pp. for $250); David H. Dejong, Paternalism to Partnership: The Administration of Indian Affairs, 1786–2021 (542 pp. for $70 cloth); Matthew S. Luckett, Never Caught Twice : Horse Stealing in Western Nebraska, 1850–1890 (390 pp. for $35 paper); David Martínez, Life of the Indigenous Mind: Vine Deloria Jr. and the Birth of the Red Power Movement (480 pp. for $35 paper); Charles R. Menzies, People of the Saltwater: An Ethnography of Git lax m’oon (198 pp. for $25 paper); James V. Mestaz, Strength from the Waters: A History of Indigenous Mobilization in Northwest Mexico (320 pp. for $30 paper, $99 cloth); Yael Mabat, Sacrifice and Regeneration: Seventh-day Adventism and Religious Transformation in the Andes (314 pp. for $99 cloth); and The journal Native South ( Native South focuses on the investigation of southern Indian history with the goals of encouraging further study and exposing the influences of Indian people on the wider South. It does not limit itself to the study of the geographic area that was once encompassed by the Confederacy but expands its view to the areas occupied by the pre-and post-contact descendants of the original inhabitants of the South, wherever they may be. The editors intend to investigate southern Indian history in its own right (to encourage the study of southern Indians as worthy subjects of historical inquiry) and to examine the relationships and connections between southern Indians and other Indian and non-Indian peoples, with the ultimate goal to expose the influences of Indian peoples on the South’s history and culture and challenge the conception that southern history is only black and white. Various subscription and single volume purchase options), all, plus $5 for the first item, $1 for each additional, from University of Nebraska Press, 1111 Lincoln Mall, Lincoln, NE 68588 (800)755-1105, [email protected],

Offerings from the University of Oklahoma Pres include: Louis Kraft, Sand Creek and the Tragic End of a Lifeway (448 pp. for $34.95 cloth, 29.95 Ebook); Rani-Henrik Andersson and David C. Posthumus, Lakhota: An Indigenous History (440 pp. For $34.95 cloth, $29.95 Ebook); Sharon Hoogstraten, Dancing for Our Tribe: Potawatomi Tradition in the New Millennium (304 pp. for $80 cloth); William C. Meadows, The First Code Talkers: Native American Communicators in World War I (378 pp. for $24.95 paper, $36.95 cloth, $29.95 Ebook); Mildred P. Mayhall, The Kiowas (386 pp., for $21.95 paper); Robert H. Ruby and John A. Brown, Foreword by William L. Lang, Introduction by Roberta Conner, The Cayuse Indians: Imperial Tribesmen of Old Oregon Commemorative Edition (482 pp. for $21.95 paper, #34.95 cloth); J. Diane Pearson, Foreword by Patricia Penn Hilden, The Nez Perces in the Indian Territory: Nimiipuu Survival (408 pp, for $24.95 paper, $34.95 cloth); Bud Shapard, Chief Loco: Apache Peacemaker (376 p. for $21.95 paper, $29.95 cloth, $19.95 Ebook); Laura J. Feller, Being Indigenous in Jim Crow Virginia: Powhatan People and the Color Line (296 pp. for $45 cloth, $0 Ebook); Blake A. Watson, Buying America from the Indians: Johnson v. McIntosh and the History of Native Land Rights (512 pp. for $29.95 paper, $45 cloth); Gerald F. Reid, Chief Thunderwater: An Unexpected Indian in Unexpected Places (200 pp. for $21.95 paper, $34.96 cloth, $24.95 Ebook); Edited by Thomas Peace and Kathryn Labelle, From Huronia to Wendakes: Adversity, Migration, and Resilience, 1650–1900 (256 pp. for $24.95 paper, $34.95 cloth, $29.95 Ebook); Robert M. Owens, Red Dreams, White Nightmares: Pan-Indian Alliances in the Anglo-American Mind , 1763–1815 (320 pp. for $24.95 paper, $32.95 cloth, $26.95 Ebook); Edited by Laurence M. Hauptman and L. Gordon McLester, The Oneida Indians in the Age of Allotment, 1860–1920 (354 pp. for $26.95 paper, $34.95 cloth); Valerie Sherer Mathes, Charles C. Painter: The Life of an Indian Reform Advocate (308 pp. for $24.95 paper, $39.95 cloth, $34.95 Ebook); Edited by Peter B. Villella and Pablo García Loaeza, Preface by Matthew Restall, The Conquest of Mexico: 500 Years of Reinventions (332 pp. for $55 cloth, $45 Ebook); Mark Z. Christensen, Aztec and Maya Apocalypses: Old World Tales of Doom in a New World Setting (252 pp. for $55 cloth, $45 Ebook); Edited by Margarita R. Ochoa and Sara V. Guengerich, Cacicas: The Indigenous Women Leaders of Spanish America, 1492–1825 (344 pp. for $26.95 paper, $45 cloth, $34.95 Ebook), all, plus $5 for first item, $1.50 for each additional, shipping, from the University of Oklahoma Press, Attn: Order Department, 2800 Venture Drive, Norman, OK 73069-8218,

Offerings from the University of Alaska Press include: William E. Simeone, The Upper Tanana Dene: People of This Land (274 pp. for $34.95 paper, $23.95 Ebook); Compiled and edited by Matt Gilbert, The Gwich’in Climate Report (274 pp. for $29.95 paper, $28 E-book); and James Mackovjak, Alaska Herring History: The Story of Alaska's Herring Fisheries and Industry (424 pp. for $29.95 paper), all plus $6 first item, $1 each additional, from University of Alaska Press:


Books from University of Pennsylvania Press include: Timothy R. Landry , Vodún: Secrecy and the Search for Divine Power (216 pp. for $24.95 paper and Ebook, $49.95 cloth); Ramzi Rouighi, Inventing the Berbers: History and Ideology in the Maghrib (272 pp. for $29.95 paper and Ebook, $79.95 cloth), all plus $5 first item, $2 each additional, from University of Pennsylvania Press,

Offerings from the University of Kansas Press include: Joseph B. Herring, With a New Foreword by Kiara M. Vigil, Kenekuk the Kickapoo Prophet (200 pp. for $24.95 paper, plus open access Ebook); and Jonathan Lurie, The Unusual Story of the Pocket Veto Case, 1926-1929 (192 pp. for $23.95, plus open access Ebook), all, plus $5 for first item, $1 for each additional, shipping, from:

Books from the University Press of Colorado encompass: Robert S. McPherson, Navajo Women of Monument Valley: Preservers of the Past (283 pp. for $24.99); Edited by Lisa Delance and Gary M. Feinman, Framing Complexity in Formative Mesoamerica (350 pp.for $87 cloth, $70 Ebook); Brent E. Metz, Where Did the Eastern Mayas Go? The Historical, Relational, and Contingent Interplay of Ch'orti' Indigeneity (426 pp. for $96 cloth, $77 Ebook, $38.50,30 day Ebook rental); Edited by Kelley A. Hays-Gilpin, Sarah A. Herr & Patrick D. Lyons, Engaged Archaeology in the Southwestern United States and Northwestern Mexico (342 pp. for $82 paper, $66 Ebook, $33 30 day Ebook rental); Kenneth Hirth & Ann Cyphers, Olmec Lithic Economy at San Lorenzo (480 pp. for $95 cloth, $76 Ebook, $38 30 day E-book rental); Edited by Claudia García-Des Lauriers & Tatsuya Murakami, Spirit Lands of the Eagle and Bear: Numic Archaeology and Ethnohistory in the Rocky Mountains and Borderlands (432 pp. for $97 cloth, $78 Ebook, $39 6 month Ebook rental); and Edited by Robert H. Brunswig, Teotihuacan and Early Classic Mesoamerica: Multiscalar Perspectives on Power, Identity, and Interregional Relations (314 pp. for $75 cloth, $60 Ebook, $30 6 month Ebook rental), all from University Press of Colorado:

Publications from University of Minnesota Press include: Barbara Sjoholm , From Lapland to Sápmi: Collecting and Returning Sámi Craft and Culture (352 pp. for $34.95 cloth); Timothy Cochrane, Making the Carry: The Lives of John and Tchi-Ki-Wis Linklater (352 pp. for $24.95 paper, $24,95 Eook); Valerie Lambert, Native Agency: Indians in the Bureau of Indian Affairs (344 pp. for $27 paper, $108 cloth); Matt Cohen, The Silence of the Miskito Prince: How Cultural Dialogue Was Colonized (216 pp. for $25 paper, $100 cloth); and Sabina Vaught, Bryan McKinley Jones Brayboy, and Jeremiah Chin, The School-Prison Trust (142 pp. for $10 paper, Ebook $4.95), all from:

University of Chicago publications include: James R, Akerman, ed., Decolonizing the Map: Cartography from Colony to Nation (390 pp. for &- cloth), order at:

University of British Columbia Press publications encompass: Shalene Wuttunee Jobin, Upholding Indigenous Economic Relationships: Nehiyawak Narratives (232 pp. for $89.95 cloth); Aazhoodenaang Enjibaajig , Our Long Struggle for Home: The Ipperwash Story (192 pp. for $24.95); Patricia Burke Wood and David Rossiter, Unstable Properties: Aboriginal Title and the Claim of British Columbia (256 pp. for $89.95 cloth); Carol Lynne D'Arcangelis, The Solidarity Encounter: Women, Activism, and Creating Non-Colonizing Relations (300 pp. for $34.95 paper, $89.95 cloth); Susan Dianne Brophy, A Legacy of Exploitation: Early Capitalism in the Red River Colony, 1763–1821 (298 pp. for $89.95 cloth, $34.95 Ebook and pdf); Yvonne Boyer and Larry Chartrand; Métis Rising: Living Our Present Through the Power of Our Past (288 pp. for $32.95 paper, #89.95 cloth); Kim Stanton, Reconciling Truths: Reimagining Public Inquiries in Canada ($34.95 paper, Ebook and pdf); Carole Blackburn, Beyond Rights: The Nisg̱a’a Final Agreement and the Challenges of Modern Treaty Relationships (202 pp. for $32.95 paper, Ebook and pdf, $89.95 cloth); and Edited by Peter Cook, Neil Vallance, John Sutton Lutz, Graham Brazier, and Hamar Foster, To Share, Not Surrender: Indigenous and Settler Visions of Treaty Making in the Colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia (330 pp. for $37.95 paper, $89.95 cloth, $34.95 Ebook and pdf), order through the

Volumes from Athabasca University Press include: Edited by Kenneth Pratt and Scott A. Heyes, Memory and Landscape: Indigenous Responses to a Changing North (448 pp. for $59/95 paper), available at:

Maggie Walter, Tahu Kukutai, Stephanie Russo Carroll and Desi Rodriguez-Lonebear, eds., Indigenous Data Sovereignty and Policy is $128 cloth an $39.16 paper from Routledge,

Mary Ann Jacobs, Cherry Maynor Beasley, Ulrike Wiethaus, Upon Her Shoulders: Southeastern Native Women Share Their Stories of Justice, Spirit, and Community is published by and available from Blair Publishing

Marc Woons, Restoring Indigenous Self-Determination: Theoretical and Practical Approaches is 127 pages published by E-International Relations (Bristol, UK),; available on-line as a pdf at:

Chief Clarence Loue, Rez Rules: My Indictment of Canada's and America's Systemic Racism Against Indigenous Peoples is $24.95 cloth, published by McClelland & Stewart, Penguin Random House Canada, and is available in bookstores and on

First Nations Development Institute, The second edition of A Conservation Planning Guide for Native American Ranchers is available for free download at