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Indigenous Developments

Indigenous Developments (Winter 2023)


Statement Regarding COP15 Decisions
Cultural Survival
A defeat and some successes with a bitter after taste
Survival International
Public Statement on Target 3 CDB COP 15
International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity
U.S. Focus on Great Power Competition Deters Climate Progress
Edward Hunt
U.S. Supreme Court Underwrites Settler Violence Upon Indigenous Communities
Indigenous Environmental Network
Bolsonaro’s Defeat Is a Triumph for Climate Change Advocates
Alon Ben-Meir
Statement of Accountability and Reconciliation for Harms Done to Indigenous and Tribal Peoples
Council on Social Work Education
Keeping the Land: Indigenous land use strategy
Gary A Schlueter
Supreme Court Brief In The Indian Child Welfare (ICWA) Case
Lakota People’s Law Project
A Declaration of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America To American Indian and Alaska Native People
Evangelical Lutheran Church
Statement towards Discontinuing the Use of the Collective Term 'Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities' or 'IPLC'
Cultural Survival
Danger of Genocide in the Peruvian Amazon!
Interethnic Association Development of the Peruvian Rainforest
SIRGE Coalition Applauds AXIS Policy on Indigenous Rights: Securing Indigenous Peoples Rights in the Green Economy
SIRGE Coalition
Open Letter To Felipe Amado Aguilar Marroquín Minister Of Culture and Sports
Colectivo Guatemalteco para la Defensa del Patrimonio
Open letter to President Lula On his recent electoral victory in Brazil
Gary A Schlueter
Letter to conservation donors
Sengwer from Embobut forest
Open Letter from Survival International to the Executive Director of the Frankfurt Zoological Society
Survival International

Research Notes

Supreme Court rejects EPA authority
Mark Trahant
Report from “The Place Where Life Began”: A Conversation with Winona LaDuke
Katie Leblanc
Tiquipa Community in Bolivia Works to Rescue Their Water and Livelihoods from Pollution
Verónica Aguilar
Stopping Violence Against Indigenous Women and Girls
Adriana Hernandez
A Mining Lawsuit In Guatemala Shows How Trade Courts Put Locals Last
Ana Sandoval
Technological Sovereignty: The Importance of Community Intranet to Indigenous Communities
Sócrates Vásquez
We Want a Form of Communication to Build Real Politics, with the Participation of the People
Las Abejas Acteal
Indigenous Television: A Voice for Marginalized Indigenous Peoples in Nepal
Dev Kumar Sunuwar
Canadian Government Documents on First Nations
Russell Diabo


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Media Notes (Winter 2023)

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